Motion Picture Production
Indigenous Community Development

The Perfect World specialises in working with remote communities to create health messages that cover local issues in local language and concepts.

We take great care in our collaborations and we continually strive to create the most community relevant films possible.

If your community has a story it wants to tell or a message it wants to convey then don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to discuss it further.

Here are some examples of our projects:

Traffic Safety

Sickness From Tobacco

Coping with Stress and Grief


October 2011

The Perfect World team won ‘Best Indigenous Resource’ at the 2011 ATOM awards for ’Anija‘ – a medium length film that tells the story of one family’s struggle to deal with problems from alcohol. Congratulations to everyone who helped out on the production.


September 2012

Kylie and David embark on a trip to the Arctic to share knowledge with our Canadian friends.